The production capability of Titan Asia includes dimensions of W, DW, DWW ranging from 15 "to 38" Diameter for both fixed and adjustable wheels.

The list below, please do not hesitate contact with us for information about the product your need does not exist on the list.


W6X20 W13X28
4.00EX15 W8X20 W14LX28
5.5X15 W9X20 W15LX28
8X15 W10X20 DWW12X30
9X15.3 W11X20 W13X30
4.00EX16 W12X20 DWW13X30
4.5EX16 W7X24 W14LX30
5.00FX16 W8X24 DWW14LX30
5.50FX16 W10X24 W15LX30
5JKX16 W11X24 DWW15LX30
W7X16 W12X24 DWW15LX34
W8X16 W13X24 W11X36
W11CX16,1 W14LX24 DWW12X38
5.50FX18 W8X28 DWW15LX38
3.62X19 W10X28 5.50FX20
5.00FX20 W11X28 W12X28



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